6 advices for cryptocurrency beginners

  1. Confirmation & account identification

When you register to an exchanger you need to confirm your account.   With out the confirmation identification you can’t pay with your credit card. Payments through Bitcoin , Ethereum and litecoin are enabled without a verification. To pay with credit card in an exchanger always you need account verification. The fastest way to verify a cryptocurrency account it’s through coinbase.com. CoinBase got automatic account identification . For the reason that is automatic some times they don’t approve you by first time. Also very offer their desktop verification got problems so prefer the Mobile Application (not mobile version).

  1. Find your basic exchanger and then other exchangers

Every exchanger got different types of cryptocurrency. All of them they offer Bitcoin , Ethereum & litecoin. As we mentioned in our first advice it’s difficult to get verified from exchangers with out automatic verifications. You need to buy the cryptocurrency from your first exchanger and then transfer it to your second exchanger

Imagine you want different type of crypto currencies. How much time you will wait for account verification?

  1. Understand Graphic Charts

If a cryptocurrency going up or down is not a good reason to buy it or not buy it. Read what is the aim of this cryptocurrency and why have been created. Also if you want to use graphic charts at least see what happened in 6months to 1 year.

  1. Investment is not gambling

This time got more than 1200 cryptocurrencies. If you visit coinmarketcap.com you will see the first 100. If a cryptocurrency is not in the first 100 is not a reason to not invest on it. If your budget is not too much is better to buy low budget cryptocurrencies.

Example: When you got 100 euros to invest a cryptocurrency which cost 2 euros is expensive to invest. If a cryptocurrency cost less than a cent, then you will buy big quantity. If the cheap cryptocoin in the future goes at list 50cents then you will got a good profit. We don’t have to forget all the cryptocurrencies started with very low price.

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  1. Risk is on the game / Don’t listen ”specialists”

Don’t wait that you will be millionaire. To be millionaire is so closed to the loose everything.  Lot of people invest to specific ”famous” currencies. That is not a reason to invest because the other doing it . Friend who begun before 1-2 months to investing on crypto-currencies doesn’t mean he is a specialist. His enthusiasm may be fatal and should not drift you away. Every one of us got a different budget, strategies and targets. The risk is belong to you.

  1. Cash out in money

Now may you don’t think this advice but you should start thinking it. How your cryptocurrency will become cash?