Be aware from hardware wallets to not get scam

Today we will tell you a story of how you can get scam from hardware wallets.

Lot of people they are trying to find best prices to buy a hardware wallet. They are looking on ebay and on other ecommerce websites. The dangerous in ebay or other auctions website, is that anyone can sell anything.

For me personally who I am a programmer it’s very easy to buy a USB stick and create a wallet software.

Some facts you need to think before you buy a wallet

1How can you trust me?
2Am I a company? Of course not.
Also I could buy a Nano and ‘’hack’’ it. So when a user will use it I can have everything I want.

With a similar way a user get scam and lost 30.000$ worth of coins onto his nano ledger. Also if you want to become more extreme a good program also can show ‘’fake’’ coins.

Let’s say

1) You send your coins to a modified hardware wallet.
2) The coins going to a scam wallet account and final a fake program show you that your coins is inside your wallet.

So answer this question to your self

Do you know when you will understand in this situation when your coins are not in your wallet? The answer can be also never. So be careful

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The person that I have already mention you that he has been scammed he has been with a different way. The scammer bought the wallet with seed words.
The seed words was under the foil and the person who get scammed used this words. He didn’t realize that he has to generate from scratch.

Click here to check what the victim describe in the reddit forum about the scam

I have not used my Ledger in a week, today I decide to check the value of my XRP, Litecoin and Dash only to discover that all of them showed up as zero and had been transferred somewhere….

The CEO (Person in the below picture) of the Nano ledger respond to the guy the following.

We’ll put you in touch with our General Counsel so we can help you file a formal criminal complaint and bring the eBay seller to justice

Be sure from where you buying your hardware wallets.
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