Bitcoin Latest Trend

The world’s most volatile currency, Cryptocurrency, so far has had its ups and downs in the last few days. Last week, Bitcoin dipped to reach a record low of $3,130. Projections had it that the trend would see Bitcoin dip lower to $1,300.

Come Monday through to Wednesday, the Coin defied all odds and gained by an unbelievable 81.75% to trade at $3830 as on 19 December 2018.

This new improvement in a way explains why the term “what is Bitcoin” happened to be the most searched term in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Also, the UK’s tax collection authorities for the first time, after a lengthy consultation period published tax legislation for cryptocurrency holders.

Today, the new policy sets out possible tax obligations for individuals investing or receiving payment in cryptocurrency.

The authorities say that details on business obligations, which were not in the paper, will appear later.

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