Bitfury SurroundTM

Bitfury Surround, the entertainment division of blockchain London-based Bitfury firm will release their newest platform SurroundTM. This open-source music software will allow artist and users will be able to share the copyright of songs, meaning the artists will receive immediate compensation for every piece of music sold through it.

There have been other similar efforts to disrupt the music industry, especially the booming digital distribution part, with Rchain’s RSong dApp. The main issue seems to be on boarding the artists as most have contracts with large recording companies making the jump far more difficult to an open ecosystem.

SurroundTM will be launched on the Bitcoin Blockchain and the Bitfury team seems enthusiastic when it comes to maximising participation on their platform. It is not yet known when SurroundTM will be available but Stefan Schulz, CEO of Bitfury Surround believes that there is a strong momentum in the market for blockchain alternatives in the entertainment industry.

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