BlockChain Videogames are coming

Sony recently approved of the release of Plague Hunters, a video game created by US based Arcade Distillery and expected to be released in Q1 2019.

Plague Hunters is a sequel to Plague Road and is going to be launched using the freemium model , meaning it will be free to download and play and offer players the opportunity to purchase in-game items as they see fit. What makes the game distinct from other games though is that the market place that is built in it, will be peer to peer and use the Ethereum blockchain. That means players can trade their items with each other and at the same time have full ownership of their assets at the form of non-fungible tokens.

The gameplay on the other hand was designed with modern consoles in mind with the game coming first to PS4 and Nintendo Switch, while the company has future plans for the XBOX and smartphone platforms.

With a multibillion industry that is modern gaming of course we can expect to see more and more games implementing blockchain as an additional pull clients or as a way to monetize the game as a service.

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