Buy cryptocurrency from exchanges – Step by step guide

In case that you want to buy cryptocurrency but you don’t know the progress, you need to go back to an other article with subject ”6 advices for beginners in cryptocurrency world’

If you are beginners you need to read the advice 1+2 which are very important to verify your account and understand that cryptocurrencies are not availbe in all the exchanges

  • Create your  Wallet

Firstly you need to create your wallet. The best way is to search through Google with the term ”How to create a wallet for the ***”. In the asteriscs (***) you have to put the name of the cryptocurrency. You need to save your cryptocoin in your desktop or mobile. It’s not a good idea to save it to an online e-wallet. What will happen if the exchanger stop his services?

This image shows how easy you can create an ethereum wallet
  • Find the exchanger which sells your cryptocurrency

From the website you can find the coin which you are interested. Then click on the coin. After this click on Market button so to see the exchangers which sell it.

This example shows that Ethereum is trading through those brokers

  • If you are not sure if the exchange you found is good, contact or you have been scam, contact us from the following form and we will help you

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  • Register to the exchanger

Register to your exchanger and then buy your Bitcoin / Ethereum or Litecoin. To understand further more this advice you need to read the advice at our article 6 advices for beginners in cryptocurrency world

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  • Buy Cryptocurrency

Now you are ready to buy  cryptocurrency.

  • Send the crypto currency to your wallet

Now you are ready to send the cryptocurrency to your wallet.