Crypto in 2019

2019 is already here for 4 days and things in the cryptospace are a bit slow as everyone is recovering from the holidays. One of the best recoveries is the one Ethereum managed getting back to the 2nd place of the cryptomarket overthrowing Ripple, in sight of the much awaited update in Ethereum 2.0 later this month. At the same time Bitcoin seems to show signals of recovery with the bulls getting ready to begin a long awaited run.

Monero got a boost in price after well-known video game Fortnite allows now payments in this specific crypto in its store, in yet another adoption through gaming for crypto.

Crypto Lenders on the other hand enjoy quite the success through the cryptowinter created by the bearish market letting short-sellers and enthusiasts getting involved in trading without having to sell off their holding position.

In Chile the banks were forced after a long running legal dispute to allow the local exchanges their accounts as active again, after a positive court ruling by the Court of Defence of Free Competition. Further hearings are scheduled for February as the matter is not closed yet, but sure has driven the crypto-community to celebrate a victory.

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