Fake MetaMask App Removed From Google Play Store

Cybersecurity firm ESET has issued a warning against a malicious app, which had been available on the Google Play Store. The app was reportedly stealing users’ cryptocurrency by impersonating a legitimate cryptocurrency wallet called MetaMask.

The MetaMask app, designed by Ethereum developer Consensys, allows users to access a variety of decentralized apps on the Ethereum network and isn’t supported on mobile devices, Forbes reported on February 11.

According to a blog post from WeLiveSecurity, researches found that a new type of malware program called ”Clipper” had reportedly been “intercepting” the clipboard content of crypto users. The malware then reportedly replaced the user’s address with one belonging to the attacker.

ESET researchers first spotted Android/Clipper.C on February 1. The company reported the discovery to the Google Play security team, who was quick to remove the app from the Store. It is still unknown how many users were affected and how much was stolen.

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