For Beginners: What is the term ”mining” with simple words

In the real life to create a currency, need to be done through Central Bank. Central Bank print the money and after this are going to the market.
When you hear the term cryptocurrency mining is the way of procedure of a crypto-coin.  To be created one crypto-coin it needs a progress through graphic card or CPU

Before some years everyone could open his pc and create cryptocurrencies very fast. When the value of Bitcoin was very small. Now to mine a cryptocurrency by your own is very hard. The reasons we will explain in a future article

Now you may think
1) How can everybody mine (create) his cryptocurrency;
2) If everybody can do it why I don’t do it also;

In 2018 to mine a cryptocurrency you need to invest lot of money in machines plus the electricity which need a lot of WATS.
This what is the crypto mining for the beginners in simple words.

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