From Russia with Cryptolove

There has been talk in the economic circles of Russia that perhaps the bears in the cryptomarket should be afraid of Russians. All stereotypes aside it seems that the impending U.S. sanctions against Russia will lead to the reserves of the Red Giant getting some diversity and getting it soon, as soon as February!

As US assets will fall out of favor with the Russian elite as well as the banks to avoid economic loses, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies provide an enticing alternative investment. As stated by Vladislav Ginko, lecturer of Presidential Academy of National Economy the first wave might start within weeks and he is expecting it to be tidal, with the US sanctions fueling in fact a massive crypto bull-run.

Vladimir Putin himself is no stranger to crypto as he has mentioned in the past that the government would work on regulating it, so the advantage of a new financial technology can be harnessed, in 2017.

Last year again he gave hints of Russia seeking alternative reserve currencies to grow independent of the dollar, so if all the pieces fall in place February will be a very hot crypto month with some boost from the Motherland.

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