A honest explanation of scammers works in industries and in Cryptocurrency

Those days a lot of brokers are scamming people. Lost of people they are loosing their profits because they can’t withdrawal.
First thing you need to understand is to not register through untrusted education programs. Those education programs they are trying to make you an ‘’expert’’ and when you trust them they are sending to an unregulated broker to scam you.
Lot of times those education sites, the owner is the same with the unregulated broker. I am not saying that every education portal is a scammer but some of them they are.
Do not trust someone who is talking with nice words. Make your research. If someone is so good in education why he is teacher and not live trader?
On the other hand, portal like ours we are not trying to educate you. We explain you the dangerous es and how we see the things are going to this market.
Some important things you need to know before to trust a website
1) To be https (secure)
2) To check how old the website is
3) To check the reviews in the market
4) To not trying indirectly to send you to a specific broker for trading

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I will come on a later article to explain you how to understand further more those scam brokers.