Invest on the new cryptos is the ”tip”

The cryptocurrency world is growing every day. Beginner investors are listening about the successful story of the Bitcoin. I thought a lot of people who are trying to invest in the ‘’big’’ names and they are waiting for a success story.
My personal opinion is that successful story can be happen if you know what are you doing. This what I don’t agree in the industry is people who are trying to invest 200-300$ per month on ‘’Famous Cryptocurrencies’’.
I will give an example. At this moment Litecoin is cost around 300$. Let’s say you bought 1 Litecoin. The most of the new investors they will wait to get a crazy price like Bitcoin so to make a back profit close to 15.000$.
This is not the right way. This is a gambling not an invest.
All of us in this industry we heared this. Bitcoin was 50$ when I bought it. Bitcoin was 200$.
I will tell you something completely different. Bitcoin at the first stages was 0.00230$. That means when it was 0.00230$ and you was investing 50$ now you could have more than 100.000 bitcoins.
Some people maybe thing. We want to invest in ‘’Big Players’’ like Ethereum , Ripple , Litecoin. The ‘’Big Players’’ was ‘’small players’’ before some years.

At this time I am writing the specific article it got some promising coins like Paccoing or KIN. Kin price is 0.000883?. Let’s say invest 100$ you will get around 115.000 KIN. If KIN goes at least 1 cent then it means your investment has become from 100$ to 11.325$.

On a before article we wrote more information regarding KIN which is developed by a famous chat software KIK.

If you don’t have lot of money to invest don’t go to big players.
Of course with my strategy maybe you will loose everything. I can’t guarantee that you will make profit. Those who are guarantee their successful stories do you think they love you?
If you invest on this industry make sure you are not gambling.

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This we can do for sure is to have honest opinions. The difference between me and you is that I can publish my thoughts online. That don’t make me a special guy. When you read someone you need to have in your mind that is personal opinions. If someone is absolute that he knows everything then it’s better to not take him seriously.