Looking at the bottom or from the bottom up?

As the market continues to decline and BTC in particular leading the bear race, we should take a moment to consider a bit of its history. So far Bitcoin has experienced five major corrections and the recent one is actually the smallest major correction to date. Although the smallest it still accumulates to a 79% drop for the past eleven months. The major problem still in the cryptocurrency market remains the liquidity and with developments that upset the volatility like the recent Bitcoin Cash fork and all the related to it reactions, it is clear that without a properly regulated and stable environment to soak up the impact of the sellers, confidence of buyers is getting lower.

On the positive side market conditions are far superior than in the past with accessibility to the market becoming easier to people without the need of the specific know-how and infrastructure as well as awareness has vastly improved.

High profile investors like billionaire Tim Draper, Mike Novogratz remain optimistic in the long- term trend for Bitcoin and potential positive catalysts for growth in the beginning of 2019 like Bakkt and ETF (a BTC exchange-traded fund) might push the market forward and solve even partially the biggest of its issues.

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