Malta Will Store Education Certificates on Blockchain

Malta has entered into a two-year contract that will allow it to store all educational certificates issued in the country on a blockchain. According to a February 21 report from Malta Today, the Maltese government partnered with Learning Machine, a blockchain company, building on the pilot project that started in September 2017.

The two-year-old pilot project to put educational certificates on blockchain will reportedly be scaled up in the coming years to encompass all schools in the education sector. During the signing ceremony at Castille, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that Malta was the first country to digitize diplomas in such a way.

The project, named Blockcerts, was described as an “exercise in empowerment” by local media. So far, students from the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology and the Institute of Tourism Studies have taken ownership of their certificates. The contract will also allow education certificates from secondary school, church, and independent schools to be issued on blockchain, Malta Today reported.

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