Merry Crypt-mas!

It’s a season to be jolly and what is better than sharing joy, happiness and crypto-gifts with friends and family! For those of you who prefer your presents in crypto-wallet to your stocking, here is a list of nice ideas to share the crypto-spirit this Xmas:

1) (Alt) Coins

Everybody loves Bitcoin and Ethereum and no one would deny the opportunity of having more of those in their crypto-wallet. But it is always more exciting to get a brand new promising token and speculate its value come next year. To the moon!

2) Clothing & Trinkets

Well ok stockings are relevant after all. I mean its winter its cold and what better gift from a caring friend to another than some crypto-related socks from to warm them up. Or you can opt out for T-shirts and other products like these.

3) ASIC Mining Rig

For the most hardcore crypto enthusiasts out there and those who can actually afford it, a ASIC Mining rig seems like the perfect present. Guaranteed to keep the home atmosphere warm as well!

4) Physical Coins

There are a lot of different types of interpretations of everyone’s digital currencies so you can choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum or just get a nice pack with the most popular ones.

5) Lambo

If your investment in crypto went better than well this year you can start gifting Lamborghini’s to your loved ones. If on the other hand you are still waiting for your digital funds to explode you can console yourself and friends with the second best alternative for all Lambo lovers.

6) Hardware Wallet

Better safe than sorry they say and to avoid theft of your precious crypto-funds you can invest in a Ledger or a Trezor offline wallet. Those of course also make for nice gifts for your crypto-enthusiast friends.

7) Crypto-Kitties

If your friends or family always wanted a kitty but were allergic to them or never could find a pet-friendly home, have no fear! You can gift them one of those cute blockchain-based Ethereum ones to lover and care for. They might even breed one that is worth more than their house in this 12$ million market!

8) Crypto-Art

Everyone has that one friend who is a bit more artsy and now you can even please them with some crypto art presents that hodl the value while looking great!

No matter which of the above you choose (or other crypto-alternatives you might find) I wish you merry Crypt-mas and happiness to the moon!




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