Mobile Cryptopunk Game Introduces New Approach to Non-Fungible Tokens

Glitch Goons, a multi-blockchain mobile game created by Estonian developers, has introduced a new system that will allow for generating free, scalable, and user-oriented DApps. The company said its goal was to build a platform on which people who are not familiar with blockchain can easily create, trade and exchange non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The player-versus-player (PvP) automatic game will reportedly allow users to create their own non-fungible tokens on their accounts or on the game’s server through the API. This will enable users to access characters from a browser without installing a wallet. According to the company, the system will standardize NFT and synchronize them on different blockchains so the in-game items can be easily transferred from one blockchain to another.

The company’s new system, dubbed the Side-chain 2.0, will reportedly allow it to the payment methods available within the game. The players will be able to use cryptocurrency and fiat (in Google Play or with credit cards) for their transactions. The system will also enable non-fungible token trading and an account together with the profile data storage.

According to the company, Side-chain 2.0 will enable 15,000 transactions per second (TPS). Seeing how Ethereum and Bitcoin can only support 15 and 7 transactions per second, the company’s claims have left a lot of users questioning its ability to deliver.

However, Side-chain 2.0 will come with significant technical advantages, especially when it comes to gaming. The system will be low-maintenance, as the players will pay only for the power used in the cloud. As per the company’s “infinite scalability” claim, we are yet to see it in action.

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