The new cryptocurrency COMPUTER VIRUS!

In those days is very dangerous to get a virus. We will mention you a new one which you need to know is the crypto mining virus when you visit websites. For people who don’t know what is crypto mining is the way that a cryptocurrency is creating.

In an old article we wrote exactly what is crypto mining

When this virus launch?

Pirate Bay was using this mallware through Coinhive. We can discover it also in other websites. The bad thing with this is that it’s running and when you close the website.

What are the effects of this virus?

It creates cryptocurrencies through your computer when you visit one from those websites. The virus using 100% of your CPU usage. That means your PC will be very slow and also you will pay more electricity because of the full usage of CPU.

How can I see if I have in my computer this virus?

  • 1) If you run windows 7 , 8 ,10 you need to check your cpu usage. Click alt + control + delete buttons. You will see the following picture and you need to click on task manager button
  • 2) Click on more details
  • 3) Check your CPU usage at chrome if it’s high (usually more than 80%) or any other browser that you using (explorer , firefox , opera)

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Why the browser can’t discover that virus?

Developers already knows for that virus and they are trying to find a solution. If you click here you will see that  Chrome developers they are trying to discover a way to sort it out.

Mining is not bad thing when you give permission. This reason makes difficult for developers to put it on black list. The way that they are thinking to solve this problem it’s to asking for your permission to use mining when they will see that your CPU usage is too high when you visit a website.

Why they created that virus?

It can help the webmasters to create cryptocurrencies and with that way they get paying from the visitors. This also helping the websites to show ‘’no advertisement’’ on their websites.