My research to buy Crypto Currencies through e-wallets ( Payeer, Neteller , Skrill )

In our days e-wallets (Neteller , Skrill , Paypal) is a massive way to make transactions through of Internet. In the trading industry including Crypto Currencies lot of people are looking for brokers which accept e-wallets. Also if you are using your credit card in case you are from an EU country is very risky. The reason of this risk is coming because maybe you will become on the black list of the banks which will not allow you to make a loan. It sounds crazy but the banks don’t like their customers to have cryptocurrencies. As you may know crypto exchange is an industry which make the banks to scare in terms of replace the bank system.
If you are from a European country and verified crypto currency account and you want to pay through SEPA / Wire transfer you got very chances the payment to not be accepted . That is one reason why you need to aware, when you are using SEPA or Credit Card. To be honest I don’t know the rules of all the countries in the world but if you are European you need to take care.
That is was a reason that made me to want to change my coinbase account. I made a research but unfortunately I didn’t find something to like it.
The only one I found was . Be careful. I am not advertising this company and I didn’t use it yet. For some reasons through my research I like it. I will tell you my experience when I will start trading. I don’t know if they are good or not.
I have created an account and I get verified after a week. Then I tried to deposit through Skrill but unfortunately I was getting an error that Some errors occurred: Your deposit limit with Skrill is 0.00 €.
I have talked them through skype and the live chat of their website. They told me to wait some days as I am a new customer for them. I was waiting but nothing happened. I have tried to contact them again and I never solve the problem. I also send them e-mail and they have answer me after 35-40 days. They fix this error and now I can pay through my e-wallet. You can see the following answer in their e-mail.

I don’t like when I have to wait lot of months to fix an error. I know that all the crypto exchangers have too much work and some cases you need 3-4 weeks to wait for account verification. That is the reason which I will try them. Also I don’t have an other choice. Is one of the brokers which allow me to use Neteller , Skrill and some other payments methods.

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Also I have to mention that when I get verified I allowed to get pay through Payeer. The commissions fees of Payeer was too high and I have a lot of e-wallets accounts. I don’t need to open another one. This is one of the reason that I will forgive them for the delay.