The battle for professionals

Amazix, a blockchain advisory firm has come to a partnership with Springrole, an employee verification firm (similar to LinkedIn).

Springrole develops a decentralized professional network which will be blockchain based and can offer users the possibility to provide not only verification for their profiles but also validate their skills through attestation from colleagues, employers and managers or educational institutions. In that way the users have complete ownership of their data. The project is going to launch in Q2 2019 and will include extensive features, focusing on keeping the the professional data of the users secure and easy to access for any company looking to acquire new talent. Amazix is providing the advisory and community management services in the project and both companies place their trust in the blockchain technology and the design that makes it tamper-proof and democratic.

It remains to be seen if LinkedIn is going to be dethroned or at least feel threatened from this new solution for professionals over the globe.

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