The road ahead

With the market in whirlwind of conspiracy theories about manipulation and negativity because of the recent drop to major crypto currencies, it is sometimes easy to forget the positive news that also exist and are equally important for the future of crypto.

  • To get things started the pain of Ethereum network losing trust seems like it will come to an end soon. The reason for that is the imminent release of Ethereum 2.0.Vitalik shared information regarding solutions to the most important Ethereum problems, namely scalability, sustainability, efficiency and flexibility, and introduced the idea of an ever evolving protocol. He also noted that the release is not far away, however he wants everything tested to perfection not to repeat Ethereum 1.0 mistakes.
  • Telegram reported that its own private ICO has already amassed $1.7 billion in investments. The Telegram Open Network will work similarly to Ethereum, its use targeted mostly on launching and executing smart contracts and decentralized applications. This will obviously offer a new host to new tokens and might re-ignite the ICO development once it is operational. With almost 70% of the development done in the next few months probably the release of the test network of TON can be expected.
  • The European Commission is launching a block chain association next year with major banks being on board. It will be named International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (IATBA) and the Spanish bank BBVA has announced that it will be a member along with four other banking institutions. The goal of IATBA will be create an outline in European strategy when it comes to blockchain technology and to introduce some standards and most probably regulations for its use when it comes to European level of use.
  • Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) a Japanese shipping giant will release a stablecoin based on the dollar (although more details on achieving that were not available) to manage the financing of their sea workers. Since their current process of paying their employees is the need for money to move across several countries and incurring fees doing just so. This will be the first in-house created digital currency created to solve the online crew payment problem, with the potential to be patented and sold to other shippers, as it has been tested to be working even while on a journey using ships’ satellites.

Although the crypto-market is currently full of uncertainty, evolution and uses of the technology does not stop or slow down a bit. Although 2018 was not a kind year for most investors (especially the ones riding the end-of-2017 FOMO train) and the more recent price fluctuations, we are almost at the end of it and 2019 looks more and more promising! So let’s HODL and see.

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