TV Cryptos

Cryptos will be the name of a new TV series directed by actor Kevin Connolly. Connoly who became famous from HBOs “Entourage”, announced that he is involved in the development of the new show, which will follow the adventures of a startup company trying to disrupt Hollywood by using a blockchain based and cryptocurrrency fueled entertainment platform.

The Academy School of Blockchain will co-produce the series, with cofounders Jason King and Erik Sords helping with the story for the first season – probably providing their knowledge for the most technical parts.

Although the whole idea of a Hollywood group of actors shooting a show about a group of other actors that don’t like Hollywood and try to take it down might require some serious suspension of disbelief, if the series actually airs it will be a good first step towards helping the public get a better grasp of the cryptospace, or at least get acquainted while being entertained.


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