Washington State Introduces New Bill Encouraging Blockchain Development

The Washington State Senate introduced a bill that would encourage the development of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Introduced on January 25, the bill is titled SB 5638 and is actually an amendment to an act already in the state law. The new bill would revise the “Washington Electronic Authentication Act,” an act passed back in 1994. The purpose of the original bill was to ensure that “electronic signatures,” which was a relatively new phenomenon then, were not denied legal recognition. According to the Washington State Legislature, the bill has already completed its first reading and is heading to committee.

And while Washington State is considered to be a major tech hub in the Pacific Northwest, hosting giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, it was not the first US state to pass a bill supporting blockchain technology. Wyoming, Ohio, Arizona, and Washington, DC, all passed pro-blockchain bills in 2019 in order to attract businesses and give the industry a boost.

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