Wirex Releases Major Platform Update, Adds 10 New Fiat Currencies

Digital payments firm Wirex has released a major update to its platform, launching Wirex 3.0. According to the company’s February 27 press release, 10 new fiat currencies have been added to the service.

From now, Wirex users in the European Economic Area (EEA) can access “unconditional access” to over-the-counter rates for cryptocurrency exchanges, the company said in the release. The new update will also provide users with interbank rates for traditional currency exchanges.

New ways to transfer funds in and out of Wirex accounts have been added, with the company saying that it has enabled support for the United Kingdom-based Faster Payments, SEPA, and SWIFT. The new platform will also feature a transparent fee structure, something Wirex believes is missing from its competitors.

Following the 3.0 update, the company now supports 15 fiat currencies in total, including the newly featured ones such as the Hong Kong dollar, the Singapore dollar and the Australian Dollar (AUD). The complete list of available fiat currencies by region can be seen in the company’s official announcement.

The press release clarifies that the update also brings these new features to residents of the Asia-Pacific region and Canada, letting said users operate their accounts in their local fiat currency for the first time.

Wirex has seen steady growth in the past year and was granted an e-money license in August 2018. This made it the third crypto-related company to get the license from the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority.

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